Development of a bio-psycho-social treatment concept for the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center Fehmarn



Development of a first concept of outpatient rehabilitation of diseases of the atopic form for the BKK


1995 - 2000

Several years of clinical trials in accordance with § 63 SGB V of a complex therapeutic treatment concept for the treatment of atopic disorders under scientific supervision by MDK-SH


2012 to 2016

An Exemplary Examination of Parents of Eczema-Sick Children in Inpatient Treatment:: Are There Any Indications of Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) Characteristics in Atopic Individuals?




Another exemplary study on parents of atopic dermatitis-ill children in inpatient treatment: "Do higher-sensitive parents of atopic dermatitis-ill children show evidence of typical mental disorders?"



Publication Liffler P. et al. 2018: Is there any indication of the characteristics of "Sensory Processing Sensitivity" (SPS) in atopic persons ?, journal Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy